Take Perfume With You Wherever You Go


The history of perfumes stretches back to the 2nd millennium BC in ancient Mesopotamia. Perfumes were used and upgraded by the Egyptians, the Persians and the Romans. Their sweet-smelling characteristics and other attributes make perfume very valuable to people of all languages.

Today, perfumes of various qualities are being produced as the demand for them have increased. At Augustus, we produce perfumes of the greatest quality and wonderful scents. The perfumes are for both men and women. As a matter of fact, we have perfumes for every human being on the planet.

One of our best selling products, the Raspberry perfume, is a good EDP perfume to have as part of everyone’s daily essentials. It is a must have item that should be taken wherever you go. There are many reasons why you should have a perfume in your bag wherever you go.

Confidence Booster

It is a fact that whenever people exerts themselves, sweat emanates from different parts of their bodies as energy is being burnt. As this happens, body odor also emanates from the body and this could cause a shake in confidence when meeting people.

However, with a great perfume like the Raspberry perfume from Augustus, you feel confident of doing anything you want to do. The sweet-smelling fragrance of the perfume will remove whatever anxiety you might feel when meeting people.

Mood Enhancing

Having a perfume in hand can quickly enhance your mood no matter how sour your mood is. If you are feeling down or angry, a wonderful perfume from Augustus, especially the Raspberry perfume will quickly make your heart soar and your spirits lifted. You begin to feel good. 

The perfume not only enhances your mood but also that of people around you. Imagine walking past a very sad fellow, when the person the sweet-sell of your perfume, the person becomes happy.

When the morale is low, a spray of the perfume is enough to feel encouraged and invigorated.

Stress Reduction

Perfumes, especially the best ones, have therapeutic attributes. They help to calm the body, which means that they help to reduce stress. It goes without saying that our bestselling product, the Raspberry perfume, helps to relieve stress. The scent of the perfume reduces stress and soothes the baby, making the wearer of the perfume to have bursts of inspiration.

Attraction Inducement

The human brain and the nose works well together. Whatever scent is taken in by the nose is transferred to the brain, which translates and explains the smell. If it is a bad smell, the person shies away from the area of the smell; if it is a good smell, the person would love to stay in the area.

If it is not only a good smell but also a great smell, the person will not even think about leaving the area, but will want to stay there for a very long time. If that perfume is our Raspberry perfume, do not be surprised if people begin to get attracted to you.

Augustus offers a carefully selected spectrum of scents for the modern day Filipino designed to make them look, smell and feel good about themselves.

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